As a child you probably wore one, but as a baby you definitely did. Why? Because they are convenient and comfortable. Find out about the different kinds of onesies or footed pajamas. And just because you wore them as a baby, that is not a reason why you can’t wear them as an adult.

Warmth and comfort

Babies wear onesies because they keep them warm and snugly. These are the exact same reason you should wear them too. Footed pajamas are by far the cosiest and warmest pajamas available. Save money on your heating bill as you sleep while having great fun. Just like nothing can compare with a hot cup of cocoa or slipping into your soft slippers, a pair of warm and comfortable onesies can also do the trick.

A snug fit means you don’t have to wear a separate shirt and socks to sleep as it will cover your body entirely. Some even come with hoods attached!

When you are all warm, and not suffering from cold feet you can get the best sleep. And ultimately that is the aim of any pajamas; it is just that the adult onesie does it the best.

The make great gifts

The adult onesie is also a popular gift, especially around Christmas time when the nights are getting colder in the winter. They make great novelty items as an adult onesie is unique and great fun.  Not only that, they come in all sizes so you can buy matching onesies for the whole family. There is also a certain nostalgia when you wear a onesie as adult which makes it more meaningful to don one.

And because they come in all designs, colours and sizes – you are guaranteed to find one to suit anyone. From a pink onesie for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day to a dark camouflaged onesie for a birthday gift to your son – there really is a design for everyone for any occasion.

The adult onesie: a little corny and silly, but great fun and practical at the same time.