An adult onesie is essentially a one piece pajama, usually including the feet in the pajamas. Onesies are typically associated with babies but now adult onesies are gaining in popularity. There is no age limit on the adult onesie and in fact you should get one. There are many reasons to get an onesie as an adult. You are never too old to own one.

You might not have known what an adult onesie is because it is also known as many other things. The terms are interchangeable. They are more commonly known as footie pajamas or footed pajamas, referring to the fact that the pajama also encases the feet – this is the bootee. Similarly they are also known as one piece pajamas or all in one pajamas because they come in one piece. When referring to baby onesies they are more commonly called blanket sleepers.

Size and Materials

Most adult onesies are unisex only differentiating by the design. That being said, there should be no restrictions on which sex can wear what designs! Footed pajamas come in all sizes and are usually sized by height. As onesies are meant to be worn loose fitted, there is little reason to size them by diameter of the pajama. They are most commonly made out of polyester or fleece but sometimes can be found to be made of cotton.

Onesies come in all block colours, but for the more adventurous or novelty-minded, screen prints of elaborate designs are available. Graphic designs or well-known cartoon characters are particularly popular. The soles of the feet usually have a plastic textured surface to increase durability and slip-resistance. A zipper or buttons are used to make it easier for the wearer to remove and put on the onesie. There are certain variations where the zipper is to the side or the back of the onesie but these are rarer. Most people find it more comfortable in the front.

The shape of a onesie is very simple but they can come in many varieties.

Different Types and Choices

One of the more commonly associated features of the onesie is the drop seat (also known as the trap door or butt flap). This is an opening in the buttocks so the wearer can have easier access to the toilet should the need be required. In modern adult onesies they are no longer considered standard features although some designs include them and the description will explicitly state it. Snap fasteners are used to hold the flap in place. A small handful of footed pajamas also include hoods.

Adult onesies are extremely comfortable and if you are still not convinced, read why you should get an adult onesie.